What is Capsule Corporation?

Capsule Corp. was founded by Dr. Briefs. Why "Capsule"? It's very simple. Dr. Briefs invented a technology that allowed the dynamic shrinking of any substance, for easy storage and carrying inside tiny capsules. The shrunken substances can be extracted to their original sizes later with the press of a button.

Impossible, you say? You're right. At least in our world. Both Capsule Corporation and Dr. Briefs are fictional entities from a popular manga (Japanese for comics) and anime (Japanese for cartoons) series called Dragon Ball, created by Akira Toriyama.

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Here's a layout of the different parts of Capsule Corp. HQ, and why they were created:

Capsule Corp. Gallery
Created just before Netcom allowed FTP uploading, I wanted to have a place where I can store pictures and other files that would be used for this site, but I didn't feel right to just put the files into the server without having an actual page on it, so the "Gallery" section came to be. Most of the files here are images, although I am not limiting them to just images. However, it is still more or less just an image gallery, and I've seen little, if any, DBZ galleries that I felt "did it right." That is to say, some offered thumbnails, and some didn't, but the thumbnails either didn't have a preset maxium size (meaning that they could be very wide or very high), or they were rescaled proportionally. Since I didn't think either were very good, I a somewhat different method, hoping that other "galleries" to come would follow my example.

Capsule Corp. Info
This page! I originally started this site under the premise of "Trying to make it look like an actual business page," which was why I made this page. Recently, I decided to tell my visitors why I created certain pages, and thought the best place to put this information would be here, which seemed rather appropriate.

DB/DBZ Characters
This page was to house the different sub-sections I intended to create for different DB/DBZ Characters; I had intended to have one more section than the ones I currently have, but it proved too difficult

Voting Booth
Although I had a general idea on who the more popular DB/DBZ characters were, I wasn't completely sure, so I decided to make run a voting booth to find out.
Character Analysis
I was looking at this picture of Future Trunks I had from my DBZ calendar one day, and thought about how complex his story was (a picture does tell a thousand words!), and decided to write an "analysis" on him. Then I thought it'd be a good idea to write one for each of the characters, so here we are.. I'll try to get more out soon. Incidently, the picture I was looking at is also displayed at my page for Future Trunks; it's the one stolen off Mirai's World (it was too big for me to scan).

Dr. Briefs' Favorite Links
I knew this site would be very much Dragon Ball oriented, but wanted to offer something to not just DB/DBZ fans, in case some of them do stop by, so I put together a list of links that I really liked and thought were in enough different fields, and made this page.

The Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z FAQ
The main reason this site was created. I was already working on the FAQ before the creation of this site, and wanted to place it where people would be able to access it easily. Netcom offered their members web page space just in time, so I created this site, and put the FAQ into HTML format. Now that I have plenty of upload space, I can also store the file in different formats, so the plain text file, the PKZipped version, and the GZipped version of the FAQ are also available here.

Originally, I just had a feedback form, which I used to find out where my visitors came from. Later on, someone asked me to make a guest book so she could sign it. After considerable thought, I decided that it'd be easier that way (since I wouldn't have to answer all the messages that were sent to the guest book), I finally turned the feedback form into a guestbook form. Wouldn't you know it, the person who asked me to make a guestbook never signed it...

Other Dragon Ball Sites
About half the time I go to a DBZ site, I go to its link section, I don't know why, I just do. Since I always do this, I can't expect others not to want a list of DBZ sites, so here's a page of links. I used to just use the list from the FAQ, but it's terribly outdated..

The Sasami Appreciation Society Info page
One of the few pages on this site that has NOTHING to do with Dragon Ball. I made this page because I'm a big Sasami fan, and since #SAS# is in my .sig and at the bottom of all my pages, I knew there'd be people asking me about it, so I created this page.

What's New?
This page seemed only logical, since return visitors would otherwise have no choice but to look through the entire site to find out what's been updated; if they had to do that, most would probably not come back.

Who is Akira Toriyama?
Since I knew my site would be mostly about Dragon Ball, I thought it only right that I try to let my visitors know a little bit about its author--Akira Toriyama. I gathered all the information from the inside cover of the Dragon Ball manga, as well as some common knowledge regarding Toriyama-sensei, and wrote a summary on this page.

Who is Dr. Briefs?
The other reason I made this site.. To make myself famous, and then try to take over the world (Yes, Pinky)!! <g> Well, since I put a lot of work into making the different parts on this site, I figured I deserved a little recognition, so I included some of my personal info on another page, and linked it to this one. Actually, not that many people visit this part of Capsule Corp. (why should they?)

The Un-Official #WASHU# Page
One of my friends and I (sort of) started this little group, and in the tradition of my #SAS# info page, I thought it'd be nice if I explained a little bit about it (plus I told my friend I'd make a page for #WASHU# once I can upload), so this page came to be.

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