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[Image: CGI of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII]

Welcome to Capsule Corporation Gallery! This page contains the images that are displayed on the pages of Capsule Corporation Headquarters, so it is not a "true" Image Gallery.. This means that the pictures here are intended for web page use, so they're not not very large in terms of dimensions.

The images in this gallery are sorted in alphabetical order, and since I try to name my scans according to the people in them, you'll usually find the images of the same characters at around the same place. In that sense, it is easier to find pictures. However, this means that they are not sorted by date, so the latest uploaded image will probably not show up in the last page of the gallery, so finding new images might be a bit harder.

If you would like to use any of the images from this gallery, please let others know where you got it (a link back to this page or my main page would be nice), as well as give proper credits to the copyright holders. For Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z, that would be (basically) Akira Toriyama, Bird Studios, Jump Comics, and Toei Animation. For Tenchi Muyou, AIC and Pioneer LDC (See bottom of page for copyright notice). Finally, upload the images to your own site! It's rather rude to just link to someone else's image(s), taking up his/her system resources.

Also, please note that Trunks-poster.jpg was taken from Mirai's World, and KingCold.jpg was given to me by Steven Simmons (so if you want to use those images, give credit to them, as well). The rest were scanned in personally by Dr. Briefs.

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[Image: Led from "Septerra Core"; sounds like it'll be a pretty interesting RPG]

Desktop Theme Packs
Title Version Created by File Size System
Tenchi Muyou Theme Pack 1.0 Lanzer 968,791 bytes Windows 3.x, Windows 95
Tenchi Muyou Theme Pack 2.0 Lanzer 1,797,859 bytes Windows 95 with MS Plus
Tenchi Muyou Theme Pack Add-On Hideki Saito 347,582 bytes Windows 3.x, Windows 95
The Complete Friends Desktop Theme Pack 1.0 Glenn Wang 1,750,247 bytes Windows 95/98
Washu Theme Pack 1.0 Alexis Holmes 980,208 bytes Windows 95
Washu Theme Pack ? Arthur H. Johnson 2,200,556 bytes Windows 95

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Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, all their characters and images are Copyrights of Akira Toriyama, Bird Studios, Jump Comics, and Toei Animation, used without permission.
Tenchi Muyou, all its characters and images are Copyrights of AIC and Pioneer LDC; most of the Tenchi Muyou images from this gallery were scanned from the Tenchi Muyou Art Books.
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