Who is Dr. Briefs?

Creator of the shrinking Capsules and founder of Capsule Corporation, Dr. Briefs resides in the Western City of the Dragon World, where he has made his home the headquarters of Capsule Corporation.

The name "Dr. Briefs" was only mentioned once in the entire series of Dragon Ball, making this name rather obscure to the many fans of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. But now you know. Dr. Briefs is the father of Bulma, who started Son Gokuu on the quest for Dragon Balls.

A typical day for Dr. Briefs involves him inside his lab, working on new ideas and inventions. He also enjoys playing with his pets. In fact, he has taken in all of the stray dogs, cats, and dinosaurs in the area, and given them a home in the huge indoors yard inside Capsule Corp.

Okay, by now, you should have realized that Dr. Briefs is just a fictional character, and my "handle" on the Internet. I only chose this particular character because I couldn't think of any other characters whom I knew enough of, and isn't already being used by many of the anime/manga fans out there. To find out who I really am, check my True Identity of Dr. Briefs page.

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