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In an effort to find out just who is the most popular Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z character is, Capsule Corporation is now commencing a "Favorite Characters Voting Booth." The rules are simple:

  • You must submit your name and a valid e-mail address.
  • You may vote for three characters, but none may share the same ranking.
  • You cannot vote for the same character more than once.
  • You may not send more than one ballot entry, if I have reason to believe that the same person has sent more than one ballot, all ballots in question will be discarded.
  • If you ever need to change your ballot choices, e-mail me to let me know.
  • Because each person may vote for up to three characters, CapCorp feels that we should explain the tabulation process..

    Characters listed in the "Top Choice" will be awarded 3 points, the "Second Choice" 2 points, and "Third Choice" 1 point. Quite obviously, the character with the highest total point value becomes the winner of the poll. Depending on the amount of votes received, the ranking will list from three characters up to ten characters, and hopefully will have pictures of the characters in the top rankings.

    The voting results are tabulated automatically, but I can manually remove suspicious ballots.

    Favorite Character Ballot

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    Top Choice:

    Second choice:

    Third Choice:

    Why Do You Like them?

    If you can't tell who some of these characters are by their names, you can take a look at the Character Analysis page to see their pictures.

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