Anime and Manga Resources List
One of the most extensive Anime/Manga links pages. If you're looking for something related to anime/manga on the internet, chances are you can find links to them here.

Anime and Manga Theme Guide
Contains brief descriptions of a variety of anime/manga series, as well as other nifty stuff and links

Anime Grove
Yet another Anime link archive ^^;

Anime Midi Group
Looking for the MIDI file to an anime series, but just can't find it? AMG will make one for you!

Anime Web Turnpike
Another good site to look for anime related sites.

Camille 2 Port
Though this page is not complete yet, it shows much promise in the things that are going to be here.. There will be information here about a few anime/manga series, as well as some anime-related organizations. Expect it to become really popular once the pages are near completion!

Capsule Clan
A new clan is forming.. Just what is the Capsule Clan? Follow the link to find out...

Comic City
The maintainer of this page takes a closer look at some of his favorite manga series, including Dragon Ball, Slam Dunk, Sailor Moon, and Ranma 1/2.

A relatively new manga-related links archive.

Marisa's Anime and Manga Archive
A new anime/manga links page; it's got a pretty nice setup..

Mirai's World
For all you Dragon Ball fans out there who'd like to see more than what we've been shown from the anime/manga, here's a place that archives many of the fan-fictions of Dragon Ball(Z).

The Ranma 1/2 Universe
Formerly The Ranma 1/2 Extended Home Page, this is the best site to find out things you want to know about Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi.

Sasami Shrine
A way cool page dedicated to one of my favorite anime characters. Enter the shrine and see for yourself why Sasami is so cool.

Tenchi Muyo (No Need for Tenchi)
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki is a very funny and intriguing anime series.

Tenchi Muyo Links Around the World
What it says... A whole bunch of Tenchi links =)


ABC - Main Page
No, this is not a site that teaches you the alphabet. This is a site for the American Broadcasting Company; I'm sure you've heard of it.

Circle's Web Pages Center
A place to get info about Red Alert, some MIDI files, and some other stuff.

MovieLink OnLine
Want to find out where they're playing that movie you've heard so much about? Check this site!

You guessed it. This is NBC online.

Nomad's Campsite
A nice li'l place with images, links, tips on Win95, some Internet jargon, and more.

People Magazine
Read the articles of People Magazine on the Internet!

Snoopy's Dog House
Who needs the funny pages? Read about everyone's favorite beagle online! You'll need a graphics browser for the comic strips, though (sorry, Lynx users ;p).

TV Guide Online
Find out what's showing on TV..

Sony Online
Read about the latest news from Sony Entertainment, including music, movies, information about Digital Versatile Discs, and much, much more!


Doctor HTML
A must-visit page if you're thinking of making your own page! Doctor HTML will check your code, look for outdated links, check your spelling, and more! Best of all, it's free!

Everything you need to find about building your own web page..

HTML Writers Guild's list of HTML resources
Um.. I think the title's pretty self-explainatory =P

Matt's Script Archive
Going to build your own web page? Need to do some of the cool things you see on other pages, but don't know how? Check here!

Video/Computer Games

Andy Eddy's Video Game FAQs
Need to know more about a certain video game? Look for the answers to your questions here!

Anime PSX
Find out more about current and upcoming Playstation (Japan) games that are based on anime!

LucasArts Entertainment Company Home Page
Information about some of the games from LucasArts.

Online Gaming Review
Why pay for gaming mags while killing a few trees in the process, when you can read the review online for free, and be environmentally friendly?

SONY PlayStation Home Page
Want to know more about the PSX?

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