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Last Updated: Jun. 04, 2001

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Capsule Corporation Gallery

[Image: Gokuu holding an animation cell]

For those of you who's been buggin' me about getting more images on my page, here ya go! Don't get your hopes up too high, though, for while almost all of these images were scanned in personally by Dr. Briefs, they were scanned in for the purpose of decorating different pages (many of which are under development), so they might not be as large as you'd like.

Capsule Corporation Guest Book

[Image: Toriyama-sensei writing]

Have something to say to Dr. Briefs, comments about the pages here, or would like to read what others have said? Well, come on in to the Capsule Corporation Guest Book!

Capsule Corporation Info So you may have wondered -- "Just what exactly is Capsule Corporation?" Look here to find the answer.
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The Sasami Appreciation Society (#SAS#)

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Ever wonder just what #SAS# is? By now, you probably know that it stands for The Sasami Appreciation Society, but what's it all about? Take a look at this un-official page for more information.

The Un-Official #WASHU# Page Find out more about Washuu's Academy of Science and Higher Understanding, a new organization for Washuu fans.
What's New? Has it been a while since your last visit? Perhaps there has been some additions to Capsule Corp. since then. This is the place to find out.
Who is Akira Toriyama? A very short biography about the man behind one of the world's most popular animation series, Dragon Ball.
Who is Dr. Briefs? About the founder of Capsule Corporation Headquarters...

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