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Founding History

Once upon a time, there was an anime series named Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki, which became very popular among many anime fans. From among these fans, there came to be organizations which were dedicated to specific characters within the series. From Sasami to Ryouko, and even Kagato.. However, as time progressed, some of the fans of the anime series noticed something not quite right with the whole situation--there was no organization dedicated to Washuu-chan!

One day, as Achan was chatting with Dr. Briefs on IRC, the subject of character-specific organizations came up, and it was revealed that Achan had wanted to begin such an organization for our beloved Washuu-chan, but there didn't seem to be enough people interested in such an organization. The possiblity of creating such a club/society existed, but time was just not ripe.

Some time later, discussions on the Tenchi Muyo Mailing List displayed a growing number of Tenchi fans who were also quite fond of Washuu-chan, and wanted to be in some kind of organization devoted specifically to her. With this, Achan was persuaded to carry out what she had only been musing of, and from this, came--#WASHU#!

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#WASHU# was originally named...?

And so it came to be that now, Washuu-chan had her very own group of fans, who formed an organization for her namesake.

However, all was not completely well, as when the organization was started, it was tentatively named "The Washuu Appreciation Society"; in a 'Net environment filled with Appreciation Societies, starting with the Sasami Appreciation Society, some members felt that the name did not do the organization justice--it sounded like a "me too" organization, instead of a real one.

It was then decided that the members should try to come up with a name that really showed the true greatness of Washuu-chan. Several different names were suggested; a vote indicated that the name "Washuu's Academy of Science and Higher Understanding (#WASHU#)" (suggested by Rahvinn) was most liked, so it became our official name.

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